Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a great day!

Why is it a great day?

Because it's Friday! (duh)
It's payday.
The weather is perfect.
There's supposed to be a comet tonight.
LOST is at home.
My boss brought cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
I got to get out in the sunshine for a bit.
I have amazing parents who I love very very much!
And a heavenly Father who has blessed me beyond what I deserve!

Yep, it's a great day :)


Brenda said...

Aw Chels! Thanks. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Cinnamon, OMGosh, how do you spell cinnomon--I've typed and bkspaced 5 times? Geez. Anyway, yummy!
Love you.

Amber said...

Love the new look!
Glad you had a good day.
Cinnamon rolls...mmmmm yummy!

Love you

Brenda said...

Wow, love, love, love your new blog page. Did you do that? If not, who did? That is great. Wow, I just can't get over it!