Saturday, October 11, 2008


No pressure on posting *coughmomcough* any blogs, it's all good right? lol

It's a beautifully chilly afternoon! Actually it's really windy and it's taking away from the beautifullness...don't say a word about my..word. Wow, I just woke up. Yes, Saturday afternoon naps are amazing! My best friend and have spent most of the afternoon watching Gilmore Girls and laughing, but only after meeting a friend at Starbucks. Now I currently can't breathe because Meg just painted her nails and I'm suffocating!! lol.

Yesterday I had my first real experience at a casino night..which was free. Me, Meg and Nick (aw, good friend) went and did better then we thought we would. Nick made it to the final table for Texas Hold Em. Good thing he didn't win, the gift certificate to the Bellagio in Vegas would've been a nice bday present, since I could easily persuade him to give it to me, ha yeah right. But all in all it was a very enjoyable night and I would not pay to play with Funny Money again!

Meg w/ some of her "winnings"
My bestie :) and I

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