Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Amazing Weekend!

Sunglasses Models (except me, cause I couldn't keep a straight face)
Nick and I dancing at the mall

I had the best weekend! After poker night and my relaxing Saturday an amazing Sunday was in order right? Definitley! Church was awesome, the worship and teaching was good, and the time spent with friends was just as nice. After church a group of us (think 15) decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch...two and a half hours later we left full, broke and feeling spontaneous! Then we realized that it's hard to be spontaneous in Flag, so we settled for the mall. From the pics above you can see the craziness that ensued (I'm feeling very smart today lol) and I have the feeling I used that word wrong and I'm sure mom will let me know if I did.

Until tomorrow!!

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