Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beautiful Colorado

I'm sitting at my grandmas house in Colorado and I have never been so happy, excited and peaceful. I am in awe at how God has opened up every door and paved the way to this moment. My grandma and I have spent the majority of the week laughing over silly things or talking about serious things and I've had an opportunity to help her do things that would otherwise take her a long time to do and exhaust her in the process. God is allowing me to bless her and He's definitley using her to help me in this season. It's amazing!

Two weeks from today and I'll be on my way to Seattle for a few weeks. I. Am. Stoked!!!! I can't believe that things are happening the way they are. There are no words to really describe how I'm feeling right now, I'm speechless.

I know this is very short but you get the general idea of what I've been up to.

Oh and my laptop should be here anytime now!!


Amber said...

So glad life is so good for you right now. I'm sure your Grandma is in heaven having you there to spend time with and help her out. This time will be special to you both.
I'm so glad for you.

Brenda said...

Hey girl,
God is good, isn't He? Step-by-step He is working all things out for His good in your life.
I miss you but know how much fun you're having up there in Seattle.
Love ya

Snickering Corpses said...

Comment from a random wanderer. Ended up on your blog from your mom's blog, and her blog from someone else's blog, and that blog from...

At any rate, came to your blog through her link to your May posting, about the ultimatum you faced. Having been faced with an ultimatum myself before, and prayerfully taken the uncertain path, it seems like God is very much blessing you for following His lead even into uncertain endings. Keep going!