Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

What are some of your favorites (memories, things, books, anything) and why?

So you want to know what my favorite memory is eh?

I can't just choose one memory, I have a few that stick out in my mind.

I remember, very clearly, the night my sister Grace was born. That morning my mom came in to her room (I slept on a mattress in their room a lot) to wake me up and tell me she was in labor. I laughed at her and rolled over to go back to sleep, thinking it was false alarm number..3? But I was wrong, when I realized she was serious I jumped out of bed and the next few hours were a blur. I do, however, remember my friend Azalea and I standing outside of the bedroom and hearing my mom yell at me to come see. Wow..tearing up as I write this. I remember bolting into the bedroom, hearing Grace cry and started sobbing. I remember sitting next to my mom and asking what it was, boy or girl? I remember holding her for the first time and just crying. I remember saying that she's beautiful and completely falling in love, promising to protect and praying that God would be her Everything. That was almost eight years ago and I've watched Grace grow up before my eyes. Turning into a beautiful girl with a great smile and laugh. I love her with everything in me!! That's one of my favorite memories.

Here's another one- I'm on a roll, can you tell?

When I was younger I was super close to my cousins, Katie and Mollie. I was right in between them age wise and I cannot tell you how many fun times we had. We used to play indians in the backyard, Purple Iris, Morning Star and..I can't remember my indian name. After we'd play indians we would turn into fancy ladies and on our sleepover nights we would braid each others hairs and talk about tea parties and balls. In the mornings after breakfast we'd get dressed in our long dresses and play the boardgame Titanic, where the object was to see who could get to the lifeboats first. I can't remember who won but I do remember laughing so hard we were crying. If it was nice outside we'd grab the scooters and head to the park to swing and talk. Those were the most fun filled days I can remember having when I was younger. We're not as close as we used to be and I've watched them fall in love and am going to Katie's wedding this summer. Sometimes I wish we could all be kids still and stay up late talking. I do miss those times.

I think I'm done for now. Whew..memory lane!!


Amber said...

Wow! Great memories!
I know how amazing it is to be at a birth (was there for a friend years ago) but to be there for your sisters birth mush have been amazing!
I miss being a kid to and playing with all the cousins. Valerie, Tracy and I had a blast at sleep overs. I still remember listening to uncle Jack play his piano untill we were asleep.
I do miss being a kid!

You know, no matter what life brings our way memories can take us back to those times and places we hold so dear!

Love you!

Brenda said...

Aw, now you got me in tears! That was a great day wasn't it!
I'm so glad, even tho' we lived so far away, that you had that quality time with Katie and Mollie.
Fun times for sure!
(I didn't see your new post come up in my list...strange.)

Brenda said...

oh! Love ya!