Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picture of the Day

I'm more of a myspacer than a blogger, but I really am trying to get into the groove of this. On myspace I started up a 'picture of the day' album. It's been fun to take random pictures on my phone and upload them with a caption that doesn't quite describe what happened. I like to keep people in suspense! So today, in honor of myspace, I will post a picture of the day. Gah, except it's not today's picture, I'm only about four days behind, haha. Being sick does that to you. So here was the trip to wa*mart (yes, one of the more exciting things to do in a small town) with my best friend. Thank God for picture cameras!! It only took about three takes since we couldn't stop laughing!

(Look Mom, I posted a picture all by myself!!!)


It's All Good! said...

YAY! You did it! I'll manage your blogger and you can manage my MYspace if I decide to keep it. Ha! Glad you're feeling better. Love you so much!

Demara said...

fun fish faces!

our wal-mart doesn't sell fish anymore and I live in a large town, weird.

Hope you get better soon!